Core Ball

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Core Ball

Based on a classic arcade game, Core Ball is an online game that is so addicting that you won’t be able to put it down! Zigzag your way to the high score! AA Ball, a 2015 console game was the inspiration of Core Ball. The objective of the game is simple: get the ball into the core ball without hitting any of the other balls attached to it. You will move on to the next level once you have thrown all of the balls successfully in the current level. Is it possible to complete each level with the least number of retries possible?

This is an innovative and distinctive casual game, and it is a fantastic way to pass the time in a fun way. Playing Core Ball is a breeze! Just make sure the number ball is attached to the large ball at the right moment, wait for the others to finish, and then celebrate your victory. You will feel lightheaded once you get to the next level, just like when you are high. Try it!


  • This is one of the best examples of an AA arcade game from the past.

  • Upon clicking the screen, a dot rockets into a large circle.

  • Avoid tapping or touching the spikes.


  • This is a fun, cool, and free arcade based AA game.

  • Everyone can enjoy it.

  • There’s something intriguing and incredibly addictive about it.

  • Gameplay is extremely simple.

  • Games that never get old

  • A total of 91 levels are available in this game. Can you complete each level without retrying?

  • Learn how to target more effectively.

  • Learning is easy, but mastering is hard!

  • Play this free time killer in the restroom to pass the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to score high in Core Ball?

Patience is key

Take your time

Don’t give up!

Core Ball has how many levels?

There were sixty levels in the game when it was released around 2015, and it had a total of sixty different levels. In a few short months, Coreball had 90 levels. We are currently adding 91 levels to the game, and more will follow shortly. The 91st level is easier to complete than the 90th level. Let’s challenge ourselves right now!

How to Play

Gameplay is very straightforward at first: a core ball spins in the middle of the screen. The player throws balls into the core ball to rotate it.

  • In order to launch the dot into the larger circle, click anywhere on the screen. Do not touch the spikes or any of the other dots.

  • Try to make your way to the top of the leaderboard by going zigzag! Avoid playing while you cross the road, otherwise you may turn into an endless hopper!

  • Put your geometry cross skills to work by aligning the lines and racing to the finish. Run like a bird, flap like an eagle, zig and zag!

  • This blitz game is extremely simple and quick to learn, yet still challenging enough to become proficient! It is a favorite of males and females, children of all ages over the age of two to three (preschool), adolescents, and even adults.